At the roof of your mouth, you’ll find a soft section toward the back, while up front there’s a bony plate, and together these components form a barrier between your nasal cavities and your oral cavity. Occasionally, the roof of your mouth can become swollen. When this happens, it’s not generally serious and there’s no need for any concern. However, there are times when it indicates something more serious. If the problem persists, you should consult with an oral expert at your Vienna, MO dental team.

What causes the roof of your mouth to swell? 

Your Barnhart Dental team would like you to know that the roof of your mouth can become swollen if you have canker sores or cold sores in that area. Sometimes, these can cause blisters and discomfort in addition to the swelling. It’s also possible that swelling may be attributable to some kind of injury or trauma. Perhaps you ate or drank something very hot and caused a burn. You may have suffered a scratch from eating something sharp, like a piece of very hard food. Dehydration is another possibility. It can trigger swelling if a person is sweating profusely without rehydrating. Another possible cause is consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

When should you see a dentist about the swelling?

For the most part, any swelling on the roof of your mouth subsides on its own without any kind of treatment. Injuries, sores, and dehydration conditions will all normally be corrected without taking any special steps. However, if a person has an underlying medical condition, it would require medical attention. Although rare, it can be a symptom of something serious such as oral cancer.  When pain and swelling do not subside within a few days, or when other symptoms accompany the swelling, you should consider seeing the Barnhart Dental professionals.

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