Many people lose at least one tooth in their life, either from playing sports, tooth decay, or some type of trauma. With any tooth loss, it’s very important that it get replaced as soon as possible. Replacement ensures your face structure will not change, other teeth will not become misaligned, and you won’t develop less efficient eating and speaking habits.


One of the best ways to replace a missing tooth is a dental bridge, which is so named because existing teeth on either side of the missing one are used as foundations to create an actual bridge over the gap which exists. Drs. John and Joseph Barnhart, with the rest of our Vienna dental team, have all the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with a dental bridge that can look and feel so natural, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Installing a dental bridge begins with contouring the existing teeth adjacent to the gap for eventual support of the bridge itself. Then a mold is taken which fits the precise contours of your teeth. This is sent to a specialized laboratory so a replacement tooth can be created, which will be anchored on either side by crowns.

While the bridge is being prepared in the dental lab, you will be fitted with a temporary bridge that will maintain the integrity of tooth structure in your mouth, and hide any noticeable gap there. When the permanent bridge is ready, Dr. Barnhart will install it, and soon you’ll have the same natural feeling you did before losing the tooth.

You can count on a dental bridge being very durable and lasting a long time, since they are commonly made of porcelain, metal, or metal alloys for strength and longevity. At Barnhart Dental, your bridge and all other dental treatments will be expertly handled by a team who truly cares.

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