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Have you ever heard of bruxism? That is the medical name for teeth grinding, and many of our patients don’t even realize that they have developed this habit. While it would be easy to realize if you’re grinding your teeth during the day, it’s much more common for people to do this while they’re sleeping. Our patients who suffer from bruxism often can’t figure out why they wake up with a sore jaw, or why their spouse complains that the grinding keeps them awake, because they don’t even know they’re doing it.

Untreated bruxism can lead to much more serious problems than just jaw pain. The most common effects include gum irritation, wearing down of teeth, and damaged tooth enamel. Dr. John Barnhart and Dr. Joseph Barnhart recommend that patients with this problem consider wearing a customized night guard, to protect their teeth.

A night guard resembles a mouth guard such as athletes wear to protect their teeth during competition. It acts as a barrier between your top and bottom teeth to prevent grinding them together. Dr. John or Dr. Joseph Barnhart takes special care with each night guard they design to ensure that it fits properly and feels comfortable before sending a patient home with it. Our customized night guards not only fit snugly and naturally, they also ensure that you can breathe easily and sleep well with them in.

To receive a custom night guard from Barnhart Dental, one of the Drs. Barnhart will first take an impression of both rows of your teeth. He then sends the impressions to our laboratory, and they create a unique guard specifically for your mouth. With proper care, your professionally designed night guard can last up to 10 years.

If you’re not sure that you have bruxism but are noticing some of the symptoms, contact Barnhart Dental today to schedule a consultation. Protect your teeth, and your sleep!


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