Post-Op Instructions

Post-Procedure Guidelines For Patients

Barnhart Dental carries out a wide variety of dental procedures to help our patients correct various dental conditions, including root canals, dental implants, and teeth extractions. Should you need any form of dental surgery, observing our recommendations is paramount for your speedy healing.

Below are some of the measures recommended by Dr. John Barnhart and Dr. Joseph Barnhart to promote a comfortable and speedy healing process.

First Hour Post-Operation

  • Depending on the medical procedure conducted, many of our patients choose to undergo anesthetics and sedatives. Our Barnhart Dental team recommends that those  patients refrain from operating any heavy machinery, as the effects of the medication might impair judgment and slow reflexes.
  • Dr. John and Joseph Barnhard may prescribe over-the-counter medication for pain management, which can be used after the anesthesia has worn off. Take care to adhere to the dosage as prescribed.
  • Any blood clotting should not be interfered with, as clotting is a natural part of the healing process. If further bleeding occurs in the first hour after the procedure, leave the original gauze in while applying slight pressure by gently biting.
  • Acts that might slow the clotting process such as smoking, using drinking straws and chewing on hard foods should be avoided. Tobacco usage dramatically slows down the wound healing process, which increases the risk of exposure to infections. Please refrain from using any tobacco products for the first 48 hours after oral surgery.

Second Hour Post-Surgery

  • At this stage, bleeding should be very light, and easily controlled with fresh gauze.
  • Please call Barnhart Dental if you experience any persistent, heavy bleeding at this stage.
  • Stick to soft foods and drinks as you get accustomed to your new restoration, but avoid the use of straws.
  • Adhere closely to any antibiotic course prescribed to you.
  • If you experience nausea, stay clear of any foods and drinks that may exacerbate it. Call Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart if nausea seems severe or doesn’t clear up within 2 hours post-operation.

48 Hours Post-Operation

  • It’s important to observe good oral hygiene to avoid secondary infection of dental wounds. Prescription mouthwashes, as well as warm salt water, can be used to rinse the site of surgery.
  • If you experience a painful dry socket past the third or fourth day, it needs to be re-assessed by our Barnhart Dental team. As your healing progress, the biocompatible sutures will dissolve in the surrounding tissues, so you do not need to have them removed. Barnhart Dental always schedules a follow-up review with the Drs. Barnhart for wound healing process evaluation. Make sure to keep that appointment, and let us know of any concerns or questions you may have.

Our entire Barnhart Dental team is committed to your smooth and complication-free recovery to oral health and your best smile!


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