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Dr. Joseph Barnhart and the staff treat you like family and they’re professional. Their clinic is super clean and the procedure rooms private with beautiful large windows to look out of. Combine all that with the excellent dentistry of Dr. Joe and staff, and the payment options, you have a win, win.
I highly recommend them for the whole family!

Great staff, very personable and professional. Comfortable office with all the high tech stuff and specialists you want from a health care facility. I am referring my husband and would anyone else looking for a “less-painful” trip to the dentist.

We love the Barnhart team! They have taken great care of our 4 boys over the years & now my husband & I are happy customers as well.
If you are looking for a good family dentist… we highly recommend the Dr. Barnhart & his team!!!

The assistants were very efficient and knowledgeable. Dr. Barnhart iremebered me and what he had done in the past, so he was able to quickly go from there, asking question a few questions about what I would prefer. I was pleased with what was done previously, so I am ready to finish what needs to be done.

Friendly staff is always compassionate and caring. Dr. Jo takes his time with each patient and genuinely cares about you and your experience.

Our whole family started seeing Dr Barnhart and staff. The whole staff is excellent. They are prompt courteous and professional. They do phenomenal work as well. Highly recommended.

The lovely ladies at Barnhart Dental take great care of you and always meet you with a smile and are very personable. Joe and John are excellent at what they do and make you feel like a person and not just a client. Go check them out. You won’t regret it. If you are not real Internet smart, as I am not, Kara will gladly help you get everything set up for you. I would also like to commend Logan on giving me the shots. She did a wonderful job. I barely felt a thing. Best experience with shots that I have ever had at the dentist.

I have to say, this has been the best dental experience I have ever had. I had all of my upper teeth extracted with a denture in place. Several hours later, I have had very little discomfort and pain.

It took me many years to come to this conclusion due to fear, anxiety and financial reasons. Dr. Joe and the whole staff made this decision so easy and painless on every level.

They were quick to answer all of my questions and eliminate any fears I may have had. I debated on several places to have my work done and I chose Barnhart and I am so Glad that I did. Their professionalism and the care they extend is above any other. They truly care about their patients, and
their patients overall outcome. They go way above and beyond.. I would recommend this office to anyone for any dental needs, their fantastic!

Very pleased and can’t wait to complete my process with them.

The staff at Barnhart dental are great, they work with you to reach your dental goals! Friendly and easy to schedule an appt! Dr Joe is gentle and very caring! Jordan is great, very friendly and very informative!! Their patients are treated more like family compared to other dental places I have been to. Beyond happy to call Barnhart dental my dental home.

Barnhart dental has wonderful staff. They always fit me in quickly and are always so friendly. They really care about the needs and feelings of their patients. I have had many questions and they take their time with me and answer them all as well as put me at ease when I’m nervous. Outstanding care and teamwork!

Dr. Joseph is up to date with all new technology which is a breath of fresh air! The whole staff is caring and has a fun personality. Very clean office with a modern, comfortable look. The staff will answer any questions with confident answers.

Dr. Joe is great. He adds new technology in his services that helps provide better service while keeping it affordable too. Very personable and knowledgeable.

Best dentist office I’ve ever been to! They are all very caring and willing to listen and help! And shout to Logan for giving the best shots! Highly recommend this Dentist Office!

We love the Barnhart team! They have taken great care of our 4 boys over the years & now my husband & I are happy customers as well. If you are looking for a good family dentist… we highly recommend Dr. Barnhart & his team!!!

Dental hygienist and dentist are great. Very personable and professional. I don’t think we do business anywhere in which we get the biggest smiles and most loving service. It’s so refreshing and appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding and caring staff. Great customer service from setting up an appointment to office visit, plus the tender care of dentist and explaining my treatment. Greatly appreciate you.

I’ve been going to the dentist for 25 years every 6 months and this was, BY FAR, the best experience I’ve ever had getting my teeth cleaned and visiting a dentists office. Extreme professionalism, extremely clean, free WiFi (even though I logged in and my name was immediately called), extremely friendly. Received excellent xrays, Before and after photos of my cleaning (never had that before and it was awesome). I hadn’t had my teeth cleaned in 5 years and there was extremely minimal discomfort, zero pain. My gums usually bleed at a dentists office and they tell me to floss more (which I probably should) but there was no bleeding no pain at all. Haven’t even gotten to where the dentist comes in to see me. Extremely nice, even more professional, knows exactly what he’s doing and just makes you feel comfortable. He gets rid of a piece of metal that was cemented on my tooth from 10 years ago. “Do you want me to take that off?”, he asked me. I was like “heck yes”. And again no pain, and just pops it off, this thing had been annoying me for years. I was extremely impressed from the moment I walked in till the moment I walked out. When I got to work I told probably 10 people this same story. Great job! Patient for life.

The staff, as well as Dr. Joe & Dr. John Barnhart, are excellent Dental practitioners and we couldn’t be happier with their knowledge, experience & professionalism! They deserve your serious consideration if you are looking for world-class family dentistry.

Dr. Joseph is up to date with all new technology which is a breath of fresh air! The whole staff is caring and has a fun personality. Very clean office with a modern, comfortable look. The staff will answer any questions with confident answers.

I love Dr. John Barnhart! There is nothing thrilling about getting a tooth pulled but his manner has yet to be outdone and his staff is very kind. Plus his rooms have a relaxing open feeling about them with the large windows so the psyche is eased.

Highly recommended dental office! I came in for a routine check up and cleaning and received only the best treatment. From the first friendly call, cozy comfortable waiting area to the well lit and decorated Room I felt completely at home. The Dr and Hygienist were so comforting and confident. My treatment plan was created and broke down to me thoroughly keeping my budget in mind. Checking out was a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to take my family to this office!!

We just moved to the area and they were able to get our whole family in on the same day. My child with sensory processing disorders had no issue with having her teeth cleaned for the first time. My
rambunctious 3 yr old was entertained with the brushing the teeth of the frog in the lobby. My eldest got information about braces and I had some of my own dental concerns addressed. Great service and
pleasant office!

Never thought I would actually leave the dentist with a smile on my face. I brought my 5 year old daughter in today and we had a wonderful experience. Dr. Joe was very professional, and Megan was so kind to her. Kara helped us with our insurance troubles with such knowledge, she never missed a beat answering all my questions. Thank you all at Barnhart Dental you earned the trust of me and my family!

Excellent service. I had the dental hygienist Logan for my cleaning and she was AMAZING. I came back for some work I needed done and she gave me my shots and was so gentle. Best oral shots I have ever had!

The staff are very kind and considerate to your needs. They listen to you and give you the help that you need. Dr Joe is fantastic at caring for and performing procedures. I recommend Barnhart Dental 100%.

Logan is very thorough and diligent with her work. She makes sure that you get the proper home care instruction to care for your teeth! She also, got me numb for my procedures with Dr. joe, which I didn’t feel anything! I would highly recommend Barnhart dental to anyone for their dental needs!

Today was my first visit to Barnhart Dental. I broke a crown, and my daughter told me Barnhart was the best around. She is 100% correct! The appointment wait time was two days but well worth the wait. The waiting room is beautiful and the front desk ladies are very nice. I was seen within a few minutes after my appointment time, and maybe 20 minutes later Dr. John was pulling my tooth! There was some tugging but he was quick and there was no pain. I could not be happier with my experience and will be back for all future dental work.

Barnhart Dental is a great place to go! They are very welcoming and also make sure they do the best job possible. I would highly recommend Barnhart Dental for your next dental visit!


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