Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are procedures used at Barnhart Dental to prevent or counteract the effects of gingivitis, a dental condition which can cause some very serious problems in your mouth if it isn’t detected and treated. Dr. John and Dr. Joseph Barnhart, your Vienna dental team, can help you avoid potential damage caused by gingivitis with regular checkups.

Barnhart DoctorIf plaque and tartar are allowed to accumulate on teeth, they can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply, often leading to inflammation and bleeding in the gums. Plaque growth is very common, but advancement to gum disease tends to be a result of infrequent daily dental care and missing maintenance appointments with us. If you notice that your gums are swollen or bleeding when brushing, that’s a sign that you should contact our Barnhart Dental team so one of our specialists can clean and polish your teeth, and remove all plaque and tartar in the process.

Scaling is a process which catches gingivitis before it gets to be a problem, since it removes tartar and plaque on tooth surfaces to stop bacterial growth. Root planing on the other hand becomes necessary when gingivitis has reached a more advanced stage, and it usually calls for the removal of at least part of an infected tooth along with smoothing out the root surfaces. Neither scaling nor root planing call for anesthesia, but Barnhart Dental always makes sure our patients are comfortable and that the affected area is numbed before treatment begins.

While the problems caused by gingivitis can become severe, the procedures to counteract the disease are fairly simple and can be done quickly at Barnhart Dental. Give us a call and scheduled an examination, and Dr. Joseph and John Barnhart can go over your options for treatment. You deserve to enjoy good dental health!

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