Most people understand the role drinking water has in maintaining your overall health. That is clear to most people, but only a few understand how something this simple promotes good dental health. Here is what Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart say about drinking water regularly.

Drinking Water Helps Make for Stronger Teeth

One of the easiest ways to prevent cavities is to drink water with fluoride. Research has shown that drinking fluoridated water over time can result in stronger teeth. Fluoridated water also helps prevent cavities. One study looked at two communities. One of the communities had fluoridated water and the other did not. The community with fluoride in the water had fewer cavities than the community without fluoride in their water. Experts at Barnhart dental suggest drinking water regularly to help prevent dental problems.

It helps prevent tooth decay

Cavity-causing bacteria and a dry mouth are some of the causes of cavities. Water helps to keep the mouth hydrated when saliva supply is low. Saliva is necessary to keep food and bacteria away from the teeth. Drinking water also washes away food residue, making it difficult for harmful bacteria to thrive in the mouth. By promoting a clean mouth, drinking water helps to prevent tooth decay.

Water is Calorie-free

Besides helping to achieve good oral health, water doesn’t contain sugar or calories. This means that it can actually help you lose weight while preventing tooth decay. Drinking water is good for your teeth and good for your body. Water will quench your thirst without sugars and other ingredients that can be damaging to your teeth.


Do you have more questions about how drinking water is good for your teeth and oral health? Our staff is ready to answer any of your questions pertaining to your dental health. Please call us and consult your Vienna, MO dentist for more tips and quality dental care.

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