Do you notice whitish patches on your tongue or the inside of your cheeks? Do you have a burning sensation where those patches are, and/or experience some difficulty when swallowing? You could be suffering from oral thrush, and it’s time to visit your Vienna, MO dentist.

Just like other body parts such as the skin, private areas, a baby’s nappy area, and cuticles, the mouth is susceptible to yeast infections.

How can oral thrush be treated?

To effectively treat the condition, its underlying cause needs to be addressed. Those cases usually have to do with a suppressed immune system or a medication you are taking. In either instance, the Barnhart Dental team can help you find treatment.

Sometimes oral thrush can be treated with probiotic pills and other antifungal treatments at home. Most likely, however, further dental advice is necessary to diagnose the cause and prevent the condition from recurring. Therefore, once you notice the symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart.

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