You may have heard the term, gingivitis but not known what it was. It’s not a real serious dental concern, as long as it is addressed and treated in a timely manner. When left untreated, the results can cause serious problems. 

Description of Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a condition that involves gum inflammation. Its most common cause is the buildup of plaque that contains bacteria. While it is not a destructive periodontal disease in and of itself, it can evolve into periodontitis, which in turn can cause severe damage to the gums and jaw. Therefore, your Vienna, MO dental team advise coming in for an assessment if you believe you may have the condition 

Symptoms of Gingivitis

Most of the symptoms associated with gingivitis involve the gums. Be on the lookout for tender gums, red or purple gums, and gums that are bleeding, receding, or unusually soft. Chronic halitosis, or bad breath, may occur as well. The experts at Barnhart Dental can evaluate your symptoms to see if it is the culprit and offer a treatment plan.  

Treatment Options

If you do have gingivitis, Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart will come up with a treatment plan. The first phase of treatment is typically provided by a dental professional and may include a deep dental cleaning of the teeth. After that, you will be given follow-up care instructions to carry out on your own. Good oral hygiene practices and routine visits are always helpful in preventing most dental problems including gingivitis.  

Please call us to schedule an appointment if you have any of the symptoms of gingivitis. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are key to reducing the severity. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you have about your oral health. Call today!

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