Many people suffer from tooth loss as they age. However, few of us start out thinking that this will be part of our aging process. Bone loss, medication, poor diets, and poor oral health are all factors that can dim our smiles and take our teeth if we let them. Although bone loss is a reality as we age, Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart of Barnhart Dental don’t want you to succumb to it. ¬†Practicing good hygiene as well as adding an additional layer of protection in the form of vitamins, can work wonders on the health of your smile.

Vitamins to the Rescue!

Research on bone loss has unearthed some exciting news. You don’t have to settle for tooth loss and mediocre or poor dental health as you age. Your Vienna, MO dental team understands that supplementing with calcium and vitamin D has the ability to slow the clock on bone loss and help you rebuild and maintain optimal tooth health. Remember, this is not a panacea: just as important is keeping up your brushing and flossing regimen, especially when older. You no longer have to accept tooth loss as an inevitable part of the aging process. Now more than ever, it’s increasingly possible to hold onto your pearly whites. For ways to keep up your routine during the best years, and if you would like to discuss your options for calcium supplementation, be sure to talk to our wonderful team at Barnhart Dental.

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