Sometimes you need more than good dental hygiene to keep your smile bright and white. The effects of diet, smoking, and age can dull your smile over time. Fortunately, professional tooth whitening has the ability to erase the years, and effectively restore your smile safely and effectively.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart of Barnhart Dental are all too familiar with the dulling effects that time can have on your smile. As your Vienna dental team, we are here to help our patients maintain the health and appearance of their smile. Professional tooth whitening in our office can safely and effectively remove old stains, bringing your healthy white teeth back into focus. This procedure can be performed at our office and you’ll see results in as little as an hour. We can also prescribe an at-home whitening kit, which can be done on your own schedule and will also yield effective results after a few treatments.

OTC Treatments

OTC treatments seem inexpensive, but yield much less impressive results compared to professional tooth whitening, and the opportunity for irritation and dental harm can be significantly greater. These kits aren’t customized and offer the customer a one size fits all dental mold, which leads to inconsistent application of the whitening gel. Professional tooth whitening at Barnhart Dental always uses customized mouth trays and prescription strength whitening gel that provides patients with a safe yet effective means to brighten their smile. As a result, your teeth are usually significantly whiter than can be achieved through OTC methods.

Affordable Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is very cost-effective, and you can choose to have the procedure performed at our office, or use the customized kit in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to receive impressive results in an hour, or after a few treatments with a customized at-home kit.

Restore your beautiful white smile through a professional tooth whitening treatment, you deserve it! Call us today to get started.

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