Your Vienna, MO dentist advises all their dental patients to do their very best to maintain good oral health at every appointment, and we find out every day more reasons why it’s important. Recently, another reason has recently been demonstrated, that there may be a link between gum disease and the development of pancreatic cancer. Studies have shown that the bacteria which are present during gum disease have the capability of spreading themselves throughout the body, and triggering the potential for cancer.

How gum disease bacteria can cause cancer

Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart of Barnhart Dental urges all dental patients to keep their regularly scheduled appointments and to be on top of oral health practices, so that these harmful bacteria have no chance to develop and proliferate. Once they do, they have the capability of using enzymes which cancer cells need to travel throughout the body and infect healthy tissue. At the same time, these nasty bacteria can inactivate some of the immune system’s healthy molecules, which would normally fight off invading harmful cells.

Keeping a healthy mouth has the advantage of reducing your risk. Your best bet is to never allow these kind of harmful bacteria to develop in your mouth, and that means preventing gum disease. By visiting your Vienna, MO dentist regularly, gum disease can be spotted early on, and steps can be taken to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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