It turns out “sugar-free” may not be the lifesaver we thought it was. The additives in sugar-free formulas can actually wear away the outer surface of your teeth. The news comes from a report from the Oral Health Cooperative Research Center at the University of Melbourne.

Here at your local practice, Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Barnhart both feel they can’t recommend sugar-free sweets and beverages for snacks and dessert. Foods containing them can be as bad for your teeth and that of your children. The study tested the effects of sugar-free candy and beverages on extracted human molars. The key takeaway your Vienna, MO dental team wants to point out is that the enamel on the molars damaged in equal measure by soft drinks and sweets with sugar and those labeled sugar free.

At Barnhard Dental, we are as disappointed as you are! We all want the best possible oral health for our children and for ourselves. We recommend snacking on natural foods like fruits, nuts, and veggies, and remember to rinse or brush your teeth after every meal. Processed foods tend to have more sugar in them, so eat them sparingly and save them for special occasions.

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