Did you know that tiny flap of tissue between your gums and your lips is called the frenulum? Many people are unaware that their frenulum even exists, let alone the name of it. Unfortunately, problems can occasionally develop with this tissue that lead to misalignment of teeth and difficulty producing certain speech sounds. Dr. John and Dr. Joseph Barnhart have helped many of our patients alleviate this condition.

Banrhart FrenectomyIf an infant has a shortened frenulum beneath their tongue, the old term for it was a “tongue tie.” This condition makes it difficult for the baby to breastfeed or drink from a bottle to get the nourishment that they need. Although it might seem like a minor issue, shortened frenulums can inhibit the development, growth, and movement of babies, older children, and adults.

Fortunately, a minor surgical procedure at Barnhart Dental can correct the problem.

If you need a frenectomy, Dr. Joseph or Dr. John Barnhart can perform it in approximately 15 minutes in the comfort of our office. This minor surgical procedure uses a laser, causes minimal discomfort, and does not require stitches afterwards.

Our Barnhart Dental team offers general anesthesia for infants and young children to ensure their cooperation and comfort, and most of our adult patients opt to receive local anesthesia. A frenectomy is quick, successful, and produces very little discomfort, but dramatically improves the ability to eat and speak properly as well as resolves tooth alignment issues. Please contact Barnhart Dental today if you think you or your child might need this procedure.

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